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Why Sidney has become the Industry INNOVATION CAPITAL for Vancouver Island

Lower Vancouver Island’s Peninsula based Economic Engine is geographically centered by the beautiful Town of Sidney. No longer just a town comprised of gorgeous seaside amenities and unique retail experiences, Sidney is rapidly positioning itself as the “Industry Innovation Capital” for Vancouver Island and beyond. Innovation specific to technology based learning & training adaptation…innovation specific to leading edge equipment implementation…innovation specific to continuous improvement cultural integration. Let’s review the community leadership elements that position Sidney to readily claim this exciting moniker. Continue reading

SBC meeting 7am / November 9th – John Espley, Director of Marketing & Communications @ BCHAZMAT Management Ltd.

Happy Halloween Season everyone!

Over the years, we’ve had SBC speakers that have highlighted the engineering, operations, financing and manufacturing processes of our local Industrial companies. One of the most important, yet often taken for granted business processes, is Sales. Successful sales propels cash flow, business growth and sustainable jobs.

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