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Why Sidney has become the Industry INNOVATION CAPITAL for Vancouver Island

Lower Vancouver Island’s Peninsula based Economic Engine is geographically centered by the beautiful Town of Sidney. No longer just a …

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SBC meeting 7am / November 9th – John Espley, Director of Marketing & Communications @ BCHAZMAT Management Ltd.

Happy Halloween Season everyone! Over the years, we’ve had SBC speakers that have highlighted the engineering, operations, financing and manufacturing …

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Innovation 2017 – Manufacturing Innovation & Leadership Showcase – LIVESTREAM

Enhancing Manufacturing Productivity Through Training, Learning and Development October 24th – Centre for Trades Education and Innovation (Atrium) Morning Session Afternoon …

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Innovate 2017 – SOLD OUT! Register for the live-stream…

Innovate 2017 is now Sold Out! Register for the live-streaming feature @ https://streamofconsciousness.ca/innovate2017/.

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