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Only 13% of you are ready for Disruptive Industrial Technology | Camosun Technology Access Centre

Read this article from the region’s “R&D” Center, the Camosun Technology Access Center (CTAC). Here is a snippet from the …

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IRAP CRN Composites Engineering Workshop – May 4th & 5th

CTAC are hosting the Composite Research Network folks from UBC for a series of four sessions over two days (May …

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April 14th – Manufacturing Professional’s Network | Camosun Technology Access Centre

Featuring: Alan Kwoo and Jeff Mabbut from Igus More about this meeting: April’s MPN will feature two speakers from Igus. Alan Kwoo …

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Lessons learned from a Learning & Training Biz Dev Evangelist | John Juricic | LinkedIn

I wear numerous client hats (college, university, government, corporate) in my quest to promoting learning & training tools as efficiency …

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Canada-BC Job Grant Program – Employer Coordinator

The Canada-B.C. Job Grant is an employer-driven, cost-sharing program that can help you offset the expense of employee training – …

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Mayfair Optometric Clinic – A comprehensive (and continuing) discussion regarding task specific glasses / occupational glasses.

Eye Safety – Overview Where & how to get Industrial based eyewear & protection? BC Association of Optometrists Occupational Vision …

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CTAC Manufacturing Professional’s Network – Feb. 10th, 2015

“A overview of how to choose an adhesive for manufacturers.” – David Haining, Henkel Canada Account Manager, Henkel/Loctite Adhesives Design. The presentation will …

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SBC – Richard Smith, a Senior Project Manager at CAE Inc. / Thursday Feb. 12th – 7am

For those of you that weren’t at our last meeting, our series of talks focussing on succession and exit strategies …

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