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Canada – BC Job Grant 2016 – January-March offering

The Cda-BC Job Grant application process opens January 4th. Harbour Digital Media will be an official Delivery Partner. If your company is within the Manufacturing, Technology & Construction Sectors and you’re located on Vancouver Island, John Juricic (contact details below) is always available for questions and help.

As an FYI, I created a brief link list for reference (below):

General & Information Links

Application Package Links

John Juricic 

Email: john@harbourdigitalmedia.com

C: 250.812.8827

Consulting Contracts

  • Chair – Vancouver Island Manufacturing Sector Advisory Board
  • ED – Sidney North Saanich Industrial Group
  • Employer Coordinator – Canada-BC Job Grant
  • Chair – SportHost
  • Business Consultant – Camosun College Technology Access Center