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Federal By-Election in the City of Victoria (CFAX Sunday AM Pub Affairs)


Listen to NDP candidate Murray Rankin, Conservative candidate Dale Gann, Liberal candidate Paul Summerville & Green Party candidate Donald Galloway …

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Dialogue with Youth Political Leaders | Oct 21 (CFAX Sunday AM Pub Affairs)

Listen to young political leaders express their viewpoints regarding community, business, politics and family. Guests included councillors Donavan Kavers, City …

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Dialogue with Youth Community Leaders (CFAX Sunday AM Pub Affairs)

Listen tomorrow (Oct 14th) for a dialogue with community Youth Leaders. Join Bob Russell, Lisa Helps & John Juricic and …

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Education Show #4 – In the Classroom | Oct 7 (CFAX SUN AM Public Affairs)


Listen to Christopher Bowers of “Conversation Works” (http://www.conversationworks.ca/) talk about conversations & dialogue within the classroom…Taylor Conroy of “DestroyNormalBlog” (http://destroynormalblog.com/) …

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