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Introduction to Dr. Stephen Taylor, Optometrist & Owner, Mayfair Optometric Clinic

John Juricic of Harbour Digital Media @ his Vancouver Island Technology Park office interviewing Dr. Stephen Taylor, Mayfair Optometric Clinic. ~ 2:15 – All about …

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Huge congrats to local Mfting leader & visionary – Ray Brougham

Prototype Equipment is proud to announce that we are now registered as ISO 9001:2008 compliant, the most widely used and …

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Busy week of Activity (Feb. 4th – 8th)


  GVCC Governor’s Lunch DTAPP Meetings – numerous Active political engagement (Christina Bates)  Mfting Industry Interactions (Sidney / North Saanich …

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Newly Designed SportHost Website

Harbour Digital Media is proud to launch the new SportHost Victoria Website, which showcases a directory of it’s members, an event …

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