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SBC meeting 10 Nov. 2016 – Terry Tarle, CEO – AXYS Technologies Inc.

Happy fall everyone although I don’t remember this much rain in October.  But, on a positive note, the November SBC …

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SBC meeting 13 Oct 2016 – David Reid, CEO – FTS (Forest Technology Systems)

Hi Everyone.  Welcome to fall (colours, rain and sun) and soon Thanksgiving!  I’m back from my travels and want to …

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SBC Meeting – Thursday, September 8th, 7am – Ken Lewis, CEO Seastar Chemicals

Hi Everyone. Well we’ve had a fantastic summer haven’t we? We are planning to start our Sidney Breakfast Club Fall …

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SBC Meeting – Thursday June 9th – Mark Goddard, Senior Supplier Quality Engineer, Schneider Electric

Hi Everyone.  Summer is well upon us (early and dry!) and this month’s meeting, as in previous years, will be …

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