Langford scraps annual licences

Vancouver Sun
Friday, October 25, 2013
Page C01
By Tiffany Crawford

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is urging other municipalities to follow the example of the south Vancouver Island city of Langford and scrap annual business licences. Beginning next year, Langford business owners will be asked to pay once for a business licence that will remain in effect until there is a substantial change to the business, such as a relocation. The reform, approved by city council this week, will mean a net loss of about $70,000 in annual revenue, but it costs the city about $40,000 a year to administer and enforce the licences. CFIB BC director of provincial affairs Mike Klassen welcomed the decision, which he noted coincided with Small Business Week. “Requiring an annual licence fee just so businesses can operate is an old convention that deserves a rethink. It is really just another tax that creates more work for city employees and discourages job growth in our communities.”