North Saanich municipal politics…viewpoint

To our North Saanich residents, this “letter to the editor” will hopefully be published in this week’s (Nov. 10th) Peninsula News…it’s from a Dean Park resident:

Dear Sir:

As someone who keenly follows North Saanich municipal politics, I was shocked to read the flyer sent out recently by North Saanich Community Voices – in particular some of the allegations and assertions made therein with respect to development and workforce housing. Over the past three years, I have been vocal in my support for workforce housing initiatives pursued by the current council, speaking at both North Saanich Council and CRD meetings (full disclosure: I am an employee of one of the member companies of the Sidney North Saanich Industrial Group, and have advocated for the need for more workforce housing in North Saanich on behalf of the Group).

The NSCV flyer was correct to point out that the forthcoming municipal election is about two different visions of our community – but not in the way that is subsequently portrayed in the flyer. The truth is, there is a small group of residents (whose views are represented by NSCV) which is opposed to any development in North Saanich. I fully respect that point of view. I do not agree with it, but I do respect it. What I do not respect is the fact that rather than clearly stating and defending their own position, NSCV and others have continually tried to portray those of us who support the need for more workforce housing as extremists – a representative quote from the NSCV flyer reads: “In the last term, our OCP was trampled by Team North Saanich Councillors”.

Nothing could be further from the truth – Team North Saanich are the moderates in this, and support development in line with the values and principles contained within the OCP. North Saanich residents who have been involved in this land-use debate over the past years already know on which side of the debate they sit. But for those residents who are not familiar with the long history of this issue in North Saanich, I urge you to do your own due diligence on the candidates and what they stand for, and make your views on this important issue count by casting your vote on 15 November.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Hall

1620 Barkley Place
North Saanich
V8L 5E6
P: 250.655.3474