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Not so random thoughts about innovation and change

Issues of leadership and innovation in the business sector…thoughts generated thru recent client based discussions:

  • Many businesses see innovation as a key to business growth but business leaders don’t know how to create a culture of innovation
  • Most business leaders and their managers are too busy trying to manage and grow their businesses to be involved in leading the innovation process but recent research suggests that leadership is the best predictor of innovation performance
  • Innovation is fundamentally a change process – like all change processes, leaders need to have support if they are to be successful in achieving their strategic goals regarding innovation (that, of course assumes that they have in fact set some strategic goals)

Recent discussions regarding the importance of being able to provide the right supports for companies that will enable them to be successful…some of these supports may involve training but it goes far beyond that to mentorship and strategic thinking, planning and ultimately to ‘doing’.  It can also involve creating ‘networks of innovation’.

My sense is that there are lot of SMEs that started out as innovators but have rested on their laurels and are now finding the competitive environment is eroding their bottom line.  HDM & their Associates have been involved in a number of large scale change initiatives in the education and training sectors over the past 30 years.   If there is one thing that we have learned about change is that ‘only the group can change the group”.  In the context of creating innovative cultures in business, owners and leaders need to be armed with a set of tools and approaches that they can use to ‘get the group to change itself’.  This is particularly true today when there are generational differences inside of companies.

Anyway, some not so random thoughts about innovation and change…


  • Harbour Digital Media and associates provide custom leadership training for busy executives and managers with the support needed to help them to reach their strategic and business goals. For further details (PDF document & summary) – pls click here
  • Personal summary of leadership activity – http://harbourdigitalmedia.com/about/