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Welcome to Harbour Digital Media

We are Efficiency & Productivity Consultants. We utilize Custom Learning & Training, Sales & Business Development and Industry Advocacy based services to impact corporate & organizational efficiency and productivity.

BLOG Posts

Innovate 2017 – SOLD OUT! Register for the live-stream…

Innovate 2017 is now Sold Out! Register for the live-streaming feature @ https://streamofconsciousness.ca/innovate2017/.

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October 12th SBC – Rob Ashbourne, CFO of Scott Plastics

Good morning folks. I sense that we’re stretching into the very last days of a brilliant summer…I’m embracing every minute …

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Innovate 2017 – Adapting to Change – TC Sept 2017

Innovate 2017 – Manufacturing Innovation and Leadership Showcase / October 24th – over 60% full already! Register now @ http://mfgcln.com/. #manufacturing

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