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Welcome to Harbour Digital Media

We are Efficiency & Productivity Consultants. We utilize Custom Learning & Training, Sales & Business Development and Industry Advocacy based services to impact corporate & organizational efficiency and productivity.

BLOG Posts

The City of Langford is “Open for Business!”

Supported by the City of Langford Economic Development Committee (see brochure below).  

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City of Langford – New York Show Stomp

Tomorrow night ( Monday Aug 26th) at 6pm the City of Langford will be closing Goldstream Avenue in order to …

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DTAPP Seminar – Business Process Technology Solutions / Local Resources

 Business Process Technology Solutions – Local Resources  This workshop is supported by the Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program & Camosun’s …

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Huge congrats to local Mfting leader & visionary – Ray Brougham

Prototype Equipment is proud to announce that we are now registered as ISO 9001:2008 compliant, the most widely used and …

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