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Welcome to Harbour Digital Media

We are Efficiency & Productivity Consultants. We utilize Custom Learning & Training, Sales & Business Development and Industry Advocacy based services to impact corporate & organizational efficiency and productivity.

BLOG Posts

State of Post Secondary Education in BC | Sept 16 (CFAX SUN AM Public Affairs)


Content – September 16th CFAX Public Affairs Show (8am – 10am) – State of Post Secondary Education in BC – …

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Sales and Business Development Consulting

Governor Of The Bank Of Canada John Juricic Farid Novin

Sales & Business Development Consulting Services  How does my company sell more product? How do we change the corporate culture …

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Economic Development Initiatives & the Small Business Climate in Greater Victoria & BC | Aug 26 (CFAX SUN AM Public Affairs )


Bruce Carter (CEO , Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce) Bob Russell and John Juricic discuss the role of Government related …

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Greater Victoria Tourism Issues and Overview | Aug 19 (CFAX SUN AM Public Affairs)


What’s the best theme for a public affairs radio show smack in the middle of summer – Tourism! Join us …

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