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Welcome to Harbour Digital Media

We are Efficiency & Productivity Consultants. We utilize Custom Learning & Training, Sales & Business Development and Industry Advocacy based services to impact corporate & organizational efficiency and productivity.

BLOG Posts

Trade Commissioner


On the trail end of my visit to Zagreb, Croatia and the Istria Peninsula, I had the opportunity to touch …

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New Westminster Chamber of Commerce Joins BC Chamber of Commerce

Newwestminster E1342637796364

New Westminster, BC. – At its June 2012 regular board meeting, The New Westminster Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted …

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UClub Celebration of Wine & Food – Summerhill Pyramid Winery


Last night Colleen & I attended the University Club Celebration of Wine & Food at UVIC. The session featured the …

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Young Entrepreneurs Forum – 2012 Penticton BC Chamber AGM


Last week I had the great privilege of attending the 60th Anniversary BC Chamber of Commerce AGM in lovely Penticton, …

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