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Qumark Global Solutions (PDF link of this page)


As a digital solutions integrator, HDM can provide custom learning and education-based services from Qumark Global Solutions to impact corporate and organizational efficiency and productivity.


Business Leadership Online Program (http://www.leaderessentials.org/)

In today’s tough and competitive business environment, companies regardless of their size are seeking ways to hire and develop leaders with skills that benefit the bottom line while creating a healthy and sustainable workplace for employees. HDM and associates provide online leadership training that provides busy executives and managers with the support needed to help them reach their strategic and business goals. Course content categories include Organizational Leadership, Ethical and Professional Behavior, Stakeholder Relations, Shared Vision and Change Leadership.

Retail Training Programs for Online Delivery (http://www.qumark.com/Retail_Edge/default.html)

Retail Edge is designed to provide you with customizable courseware covering everything from store management, inventory control, merchandising, sales, support and checkout.

Moneo Medical Informatics Ltd. (http://www.moneomed.com/)

Provider of digital health care information, web-based solutions and clinic-to-patient services. Moneo provides digital services for the Vancouver Medical Association, Victoria Medical Society, Kelowna Medical Society and health clinics around British Columbia.

Preserving Native Languages Through Online Learning Programs (http://www.qumark.com/culture/culture.htm)

The rich and diverse cultures and languages of North American Indian tribes are at increasing risk. Many of these languages are in danger of becoming extinct, as the last remaining fluent speakers are now aging elders. To preserve linguistic heritage, our team works with you in a partnership to develop cultural and linguistic digital learning materials.


Custom Build Training and E-Learning

HDM and associates will analyze corporate skills trades gaps and challenges. We will apply over 35 combined years of learning, training, instructional and curriculum design and technology application expertise toward generating corporate & organizational efficiency and productivity solutions.


Harbour Digital Media and associates provide busy executives and managers with the support needed to help them to reach their strategic and business goals. Program content and focus is custom built for each organization based on a comprehensive needs assessment leading to program design and implementation. Along the way, company executives, managers, and staff have the opportunity to provide feedback and shape the program to suit their business environment and culture.

Every business operates in a unique environment. Our process is designed to pinpoint the areas that are of the greatest interest and value to business owners, executives, managers and staff.