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Sales and Business Development Consulting

Governor Of The Bank Of Canada John Juricic Farid Novin

Sales & Business Development Consulting Services 

How does my company sell more product?

How do we change the corporate culture enabling all my staff to feel more comfortable with selling?

How do we build a sales funnel and who can manage that for our company?

These are sales and business development related questions asked of Harbour Digital Media on a regular basis. HDM staff have been successfully living, breathing and implementing Sales & Marketing deliverables in a business environment and capacity for over 20 years. We really get this stuff and know how to implement, instruct and manage the tools of the trade.

Our areas of expertise include Operations Management, Staff Coaching and Mentoring, Organizational Re-structuring, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Team Building, New Business Development, Building Strategic Alliances, Visionary Strategies and Sales Direction Initiatives.

We have the experience, expertise and discipline to successfully deliver sales, marketing and business development strategies and tactics. 


  • Sales Consulting & Training including corporate culture change management
  • The development and implementation of Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • The development of a concise value propositions
  • The development of Market Segment definition and Competitive Analysis related information
  • Creating structure and discipline to successfully implement sales, business development and marketing strategies, tactics and operational processes.
  • Sales & Business Development (Rainmaker) funnel creation, growth and maintenance
    • Implementing CRM online tools, e.g., ACT!, SalesForce
    • The creation of Trade Show related sales, marketing and operational structure and process


– Harbour Digital Media (HDM) is working with the Applied Research & Innovation Department at Camosun College to promote the Digital Technology Pilot Adoption Program (DTAPP) to businesses in Southern Vancouver Island.

– HDM is providing Business Services for the Northern Development Initiatives Trust. Northern BC is primed for significant business and economic development growth and Harbour DM will be an active and productive participant in helping Northern BC reach it’s business potential

– HDM will be working with Mayfair Optometric in providing sales and business development coaching and planning.

Visit our companion site for a more detailed review of our Business Development and Sales Consulting services.