Social Media Camp 2014 – Reflections

I attended Social Media Camp this past weekend. It’s a tremendous conference and home grown to boot! Paul Holmes & Chris Burdge have been successfully running this conference for 5 years. Although I don’t know the exact number, somewhere around 650 folks registered to attend.

But seriously folks, Lower Vancouver Island really needs to wake up! There should be several thousand people attending…the conference is ALL about generating business opportunity, it’s all about creating more revenue for your business, usually with less cost. Every single business in Victoria should be trying to attend…it’s not just about the tools, it’s more about how to use the tools to generate business development.

The Conference Center folks work hard to bring people and business to the city, Social Media Camp does this job all by itself. The business community must try to rally around this locally created & managed conference and pack thousands of people into the Conference Center next year. Think “Buy Local” for the conference industry.

To get a peek into some of the amazing talent in attendance, visit & listen to a series of podcast interviews from this year’s Social Media Camp speakers & attendees.