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Increasing Productivity via Technology Utilization

 National Research Council (NRC)

Increasing Productivity via Technology Utilization

(This workshop was supported by the Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program )

Thursday, March 28th (includes FREE lunch)
Accelerate Tectoria Boardroom / 2nd Floor – 2659 Douglas Street
RSVP – John Juricic (john@harbourdigitalmedia.com
Camosun’s Center for Applied Research & Innovation (CARI) Introductions

Terry Rachwalski CMC – Management Consultant

Eric Anderson CMC – Management Consultant

Rob Cooper – CEO, PlusROI Online Marketing

  • How manufacturers and B2B companies who are relatively new to the web can leverage technology to enter the online marketplace
  • Overview of the best and most practical business opportunities in eCommerce, Online Lead Generation and Online Marketing
  • A link to Rob Cooper’s Powerpoint Presentation – http://plusroi.co/DTAPP-Viatec


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