Peninsula Mayor’s Annual Breakfast (Feb. 2014) – Speaker Tim Wake

Huge thanks to the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce (SPCC) for hosting & organizing the February 20th, 2014 Peninsula Mayor’s Breakfast. Guest speaker was Tim Wake, Housing Consultant, founder & inaugural ED of the Whistler Housing Authority & past Whistler Municipal Councillor. Click here (Tim Wake – SPCC 2014) for a PDF copy of Tim’s presentation – “Saanich Peninsula Workforce Housing”. Highlights:

  • Whistler & area started to mobilize & address this issue when outgoing employee traffic, i.e., driving to homes substantially away from their employment, reached about 25%. The SNSIG employee group is close to 75%.
  • Substantial government help exists for the subsidized housing demographic…little to none for the “Workforce/Employee” housing demographic.
  • Global 2014 housing surveys and data place our region in the severely unaffordable housing affordability continuum. 
  • Key observations from Tim’s presentation (slide 16):
    • Most communities plan but do not act on the plan
    • The housing stakeholder committee or housing organization is key
    • Success is the delivery of housing, not just the plan

Special thanks to Jim Bennett from the GVRB for securing Tim Wake as guest speaker.