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Vancouver Island Manufacturing sector Advisory Board (VIMAB) / Labour Market Programs, Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training


As a part of its work as an employer coordinator for the Canada-BC Job Grant program, Harbour Digital Media (HDM) has engaged manufacturing companies on Vancouver Island in discussions concerning training needs, skills gaps, and productivity issues affecting the sector.

Based on these discussions, we believe there is a need to formalize the skills gap identification process begun through the Canada-BC Job Grant program through the creation of a regional manufacturing advisory board.  This board would identify training and HR development needs and priorities that are linked to productivity issues within the sector and create an action plan.

The resulting action plan would be a vehicle for the sector to engage private and public training organizations in the provision of training and development services that meet identified needs.  The action plan will build on the work done through the Canada-BC Job Grant program and assist the manufacturing sector build capacity and address identified skills gaps.

HDM, along with its partners, has partnered with the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training to establish a Vancouver Island Manufacturing Sector Advisory Board. The proposed Vancouver Island Manufacturing Sector Advisory Board will develop an action plan reflecting the training and development needs of the Island’s manufacturing sector.  It is anticipated that the ability to bring forward a common message from the sector will improve the likelihood that providers will be able to offer sector-specific training solutions that will enhance productivity in the sector.