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Products (W&C is under contract to PARP)

  • Expense Claim System (ECS)
    • Invoices are electronic and multiple users can review invoices at the same time. Overall invoice processing time is greatly reduced.
    • Invoice claim restrictions built into the online form to ensure that claim items meet minimum or maximum requirements
    • Includes a calendar component 
  • Employee Development and Learning Plan (EDLP)
    • Computer Managed Instruction (CMI) / computer based system to train and evaluate panel & staff members
      • A CMI CBT engine, integral to the PARP CBT System, manages the learning process
      • Standardized Training & Objective(s) Driven Courseware
      • Learner Evaluation & Assessment
      • Managers are able to see how learners are progressing via an online tracking site 
  • PARP Online Evidence Submission System (POESS)
    • On-line submission system to support the processes for collecting evidence on property disputes for the Property Assessment Review Panel (PARP). 
      • Supports the online submission of evidence for property assessment appeals.
      • Enables a complainant to submit evidence electronically in an easy and accessible manner.



  • Property Assessment Review Panel (PARP) – BC Assessment & BC Ministry of Small Business and Revenue
  • Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority (GVTA) Parking Site Tax Appeal Panels
  • Property Assessment Appeal Board (PAAB)
  • BC Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal (EAAT)
  • BC’s Ministries of Labour / Environment / Revenue / Community, Sport and Cultural Development
  • Justice Institute of British Columbia
  • NAV CANADA (Traffic Controllers)
  • Transport Canada
  • Canadian Department of National Defense (DND) – Administer the Naval Combat Operator Trainer (NCOT) at Canadian Forces Fleet School ( Esquimalt) on behalf of MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA)
  • Royal BC Museum


  • Litton Systems Canada
  • Lockheed Martin Canada
  • McDonnell Douglas USA