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Digital story telling is an explosive component of the current marketing landscape and I specialize in these services.

All my life I’ve been selling and promoting something. I live, work and play promoting…LOL…it’s a natural intuitive process for me. Recently folks have recognized this expertise and asked me to apply my digital marketing experience and expertise for their companies. I’ve been using digital tools for years to promote and sell my industry advocacy efforts, my workplace training & networking projects and my fundraising activities. I’ve used podcasting (audio), blogging and articles (writing) and vodcasts (videos) to promote, sell and market messages and stories online and have successfully generated content marketing strategies and campaigns for my businesses since the mid 2000’s (15ish years).

The times have changed. Everyone wants to use digital media to tell their business stories these days…and therefore need to hire an expert. I am that person. View the composite of videos within this website briefly explaining these digital content marketing strategies and tools.

Check out our services, our expertise, our experience and knowledge…and connect with us at johnj59@gmail.com.

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