Digital Marketing

Web Development

We design websites based on YOUR business goals. Implementation is key but to get there effectively it is vital we understand who you are and what you would like to accomplish. Our technology experts are well versed in all types of business needs including e-commerce, product and service marketing, and lead generation to name a few. Harbour Digital Media brings a unique value proposition to its clients by combining business consulting and technology expertise. Choosing to invest in technology for your business is key, but it needs to complement the existing efforts to ensure your business objectives are being met.

Mobile Web Applications

Applications for mobile phones are continuing to be an excellent way to engage with existing and potential customers. Offering a mobile app provides another avenue for users to connect with your brand as well as a way to provide content in a contemporary ‘well-received’ fashion.

Mobile phone applications are designed on a case-by-case basis but can be integrated with existing software via API’s. Development for the various mobile platforms (Apple, Blackberry, Android) need to be created in their respective programming language to interact with the hardware’s operating system.

As you may have heard ‘content is king’ on the web, and when it comes to funnelling your current website content to a mobile app it is important to discuss strategies to ensure the readability and essentially the volume of content is presented to the user in an effective manner. Harbour Digital Media will create a plan for your company to ensure successful interaction and adoption with your target market.

Search Engine Marketing

Looking to get noticed? Search Engine Marketing both paid and organic will increase the visibility of your brand.

Successful search engine optimization [aka organic marketing] is achieved by fine tuning your website content, page structure, and linking to become increasingly more visible to popular search engines like Google in hopes of increasing your page rank. Paid search engine marketing uses a platform like Google and its Adwords program, which displays targeted ads to users searching for a particular keyword or search phrase. For example if you sell leather boots made in Victoria, BC and create an ad based on this search term, those using a search engine like Google will see your ad in the paid results area.

Harbour Digital Media collaborates with a team of experts to ensure our search engine marketing tactics meet the ever-changing algorithms set by the top performing search engines.

Everyone claims to be a ‘social media expert’, however it’s no secret; social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter make it foolproof to create an account and begin publishing content. Set-up and content publishing are part of the social media process but to truly reap the rewards of an online community platform it is important to take advantage of management and analytical tools to ensure your ROI is being met. Harbour Digital Media will create a social media strategy plan while using integrated tools to ensure your social media efforts are being maximized.

Check out our range of social media offerings designed to get you engaging with your online community:

  • Social media strategy consulting
  • Account set-up
  • Targeted content creation
  • Following/fan management
  • Integration of social media management tools
  • Analytics
  • Advertising
  • Training & Workshops

E-Newsletter Campaigns

Harbour Digital Media can assist in setting you up with the most appropriate newsletter platform for your campaign goals. We will customize your e-newsletter to fit with your company’s brand and work with you to ensure the most important content and messaging is included.

We create e-newsletters with the hopes that they are being read, so let us help you gain subscribers by using our target market canvassing expertise and overwhelming understanding of industry to get your e-blasts in the right inbox!

Our specific E-Newsletter deliverables are as follows:

  • E-Newsletter consulting accompanied by a written action plan
  • Subscriber list set-up and website integration
  • HTML newsletter development and design
  • Mailing list generation
  • E-Newsletter analytics and reporting
  • Custom e-newsletter templates