Govt. Relations

  • Spending valuable time on hold only to be told a necessary permit is “in the process”?
  • Have a project standing idle because a federal department is waiting for a provincial assessment of a regional approval?
  • Still waiting to access government job creation dollars announced 6 months ago?

You know your business. You know how to make it succeed.

So why isn’t government working with you to make that happen?

We can help.

Bob Russell and Don Anderson together have over 50 years of public service, political and academic experience at all levels of government. And an additional 20 years of successful small business entrepreneurship (2003 Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Award) means they understand how small and medium size businesses see government.

We know you have a business to run and have neither the time nor the resources to decipher the many policies, regulations and legislated requirements administered by local, provincial and federal bureaucracies.

And like most of us, you are skeptical that government can actually help lower your costs.

We’ll meet with you, ask questions about your business, look at how, where and why your interests intersect with governments and then present you with a plan.

That plan could be that you don’t need one. And that initial consultation is on us.

And if we think government could help your bottom line or that it’s holding you back, we will get you the tools you and your company need for your in-house business fix.

We don’t want to be your lobbyist – no one can represent your business better than you.

We believe that working with government is not about who you know it’s about what you know.

And that’s where we can help you.

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