GVCC Mfting & Industrial Committee

The Chamber has identified the need for a group to support the Industrial and Manufacturers sector and has had ongoing strategies to engage that sector.  With the cooperation of John Juricic (Governor) an operational committee has been formed to address the needs of this group. 

Needs Analysis 

Discussions with several manufacturing company CEO’s identified some key industry needs that require attention: 

  • Land use & regulations…this includes:
    • property assessments
    • bureaucracy & red tape regarding this issue
    • grow & strengthen political relationships
    • lack of industrial space – where to grow? ILR instead of ALR…
  • Marketing of the Industry / Identification of Market size & type…start to work & partner together more effectively
    • exchanging of best practises…working towards developing a healthy mfting community
  • Lack of Skilled Trades
    • Engaging in a more constructive, detailed analysis of employment requirements…engaging in Labour Market Agreements

 Next Steps 

  • Monthly meetings will be held on the 1st Tuesday of event month – next meeting will be held May 7th at 7:30am.