Harbour Companion Sites

The Harbour Group of Companies (HDM) reflect the diverse nature of business today and the complex value proposition that today’s Small Business Owner demands of their digital service providers.

Business Development & Sales Consulting – Harbour staff have core expertise and value proposition strength with Business Development and Sales Consulting.

Sustainability – HDM is committed to solutions and initiatives towards achieving Sustainable Development Communities.

E-Learning – HDM has extensive experience and capacity with Face to Face Training and the Online Learning Environment .

Economic Development – Harbour staff have been involved with regional Economic Development initiatives for almost 20 years.

  • – Sidney / North Saanich Industrial Group – http://www.sidneynorthsaanichindustrialgroup.com/contact/
  • – Rock Bay Design District – http://www.rockbaydesigndistrict.ca/
  • – Sidney Breakfast Club – http://www.sidneybreakfastclub.com/
  • City of Langford – http://www.cityoflangford.ca/

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