Custom Leadership Development and Training

Custom Leadership Development and Training Services  

In today’s tough and competitive business environment, companies regardless of their size are seeking ways to hire and develop leaders with skills that benefit the bottom line while creating a healthy and sustainable workplace for employees. While there are many ‘off the shelf’ leadership development programs that claim to be customized, many of these are targeted at senior executives and not at potential leaders at all levels and across a variety of functions within a company. How staff lead, manage and interact with one another are key components to a company’s success.

Innovation is also a key to business growth but many business leaders don’t know how to create a culture of innovation. Most business leaders and their managers are too busy trying to manage and grow their businesses to be involved in leading the innovation process but recent research suggests that leadership is the best predictor of innovation performance. Innovation is fundamentally a change process. Like all change processes, leaders need to have support if they are to be successful in achieving their strategic goals regarding innovation.

Harbour Digital Media and associates provides custom leadership training that provide busy executives and managers with the support needed to help them to reach their strategic and business goals. Program content and focus is custom built for each organization based on a comprehensive needs assessment leading to program design and implementation. Along the way, company executives, managers, and staff have the opportunity to provide feedback and shape the program to suit their business environment and culture.

Every business operates in a unique environment. Our process is designed to pinpoint the areas that are of the greatest interest and value to business owners, executives, managers and staff.

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