Nov. 2020 – A conversation with Songhees Development Corporation CEO Christina Clarke about the pre-meeting Territorial Acknowledgement

Christina Clarke, CEO of the Songhees Development Corporation, has been a strong leader and remarkable advocate for developing Industry and First Nations employment related relationships. The discussion specific to the Territorial Acknowledgement has become the proverbial bridge by which we begin meaningful reconciliation, building trust & long-term relationships. In this must listen podcast for every business person, Christina provides a sincere and passionate overview of the Territorial Acknowledgement, it’s historical context, community integration and cultural significance.

As someone who chairs and/or leads business meetings on a regular basis, I have been encouraged and challenged to begin meetings with a First Nations Territorial Acknowledgement. It’s been a fascinating, earnest & unexpected  journey of self-awareness and personal reconciliation. I have sought guidance and understanding from regional First Nations leaders and have recorded these discussions to help broaden the dialogue & conversation amongst business community colleagues.