SBC April 11th meeting – Sue Maitland, Best Rest of Your Life Coaching

The Role of Networking in Employee Attraction and Retention in Victoria 

Continuing with our 2019 theme of employee focused retention & attraction speaking events, we are honoured to host Sue Maitland of Best Rest of Your Life Coaching for the Sidney Breakfast Club April 11th meeting.

Networking has the potential to break down barriers. Greater Victoria is facing a labour market crisis. Attracting and retaining skilled employees is a challenge and finding ways for older and younger workers to communicate effectively can also be a problem. Helping new immigrants with much needed skills, integrate into Canadian society is another important piece of the puzzle and here too, networking can help.

For our April 11th talk Sue will share some of her own negative beliefs about networking and the need she uncovered in Victoria that motivated her to develop a workshop to help people learn how to network effectively. She’ll explain why it’s important for employers to get out of their comfort zone and network with a goal of discovering the talent they’re seeking and what she’s doing with one local company to help their new employees feel more connected to their company and to Victoria. Sue will also ask for your thoughts on why you to come to the Sidney Breakfast Club – what you expect from the meetings and what are the benefits to you of showing up at 7am once a month (apart from the obvious one of a delicious cooked breakfast at a very reasonable price).

As always, the meeting is held at 7am on the 2nd Thursday of every month at the Victoria Flying Club Dakota Café. Please join us on Thursday / April 11th / 7am and RSVP only if you plan on attending.