SBC meeting 7am / November 9th – John Espley, Director of Marketing & Communications @ BCHAZMAT Management Ltd.

Happy Halloween Season everyone!

Over the years, we’ve had SBC speakers that have highlighted the engineering, operations, financing and manufacturing processes of our local Industrial companies. One of the most important, yet often taken for granted business processes, is Sales. Successful sales propels cash flow, business growth and sustainable jobs.

Our speaker this month is John Espley, Director of Marketing & Communications @ BCHAZMAT Management Ltd. John is a Sales Professional with a CSP (Certified Sales professional with Distinction) with the Canadian Professional Sales Association. In fact, for a short while he was their examiner for Vancouver Island.

John’s speaking topic for the November 9th SBC meeting will be “The Power of Networking for Sales Growth”.

There are several ways to sell a product or service. Advertising, value-based sales and relationship-based sales are 3 key methods. Advertising is not always practical for a smaller market, technical based product or service. You need people to see and understand your offering. To get in front of them you use a sales force (or yourself in the early years). Networking can offer your company access to information, leads and decision makers. Networking can be one of the most productive methods for keeping your sales prospects coming, or keeping your “sales funnel” full. The caveat, you must network properly and productively.

As a young fellow, John Espley sold everything from vacuums to carpets to carpet cleaning. John has spent the last 35 years in a sales or marketing capacity as the past Director of Marketing for Accent Inns and the Current Director of Marketing for BC Hazmat Management. John credits his networking capabilities for the many successes in his life including being a past chair of Sales and Marketing Executives of Victoria and the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce.

John will offer his approach on “how to network” and share some experiences that will help you understand the value of networking for your sales approach and long-term customer retention.

Note: For details, a printable meeting notice can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: Agenda – Nov 9th, 2017

As always, the meeting is held at 7am on the 2nd Thursday of every month at the Victoria Flying Club Dakota Café.

Please join us on Thursday / November 9th / 7am and RSVP ( only if you plan on attending.