Sidney Breakfast Club – December 8th – Peter Evans, CEO of Cryologistics Refrigeration

It’s hard to believe that we’re near the end of 2022 isn’t it? So rum & eggnog time is right around the corner and so is our final SBC meeting for the year on Thursday, December 8th. We meet at the breakfast section of Keating Pizza @ 2144 Keating Cross Road. The breakfast offering ($15) continues to evolve to match the staggered entry of SBC members and we thank Doug Pelton (owner) for his understanding.

Our December speaker will be Peter Evans, CEO of Cryologistics Refrigeration Technologies ( We last heard from Peter during the Spring of 2020. Every start-up business eventually crosses the apprehensive line from a seed money and investor funded business model to client focussed revenue and monetization. Peter will review how Cryologistics moved thru these stages and the lessons learned about start-up growth, client focussed monetization and product diversification.

Please RSVP to with your interest.