Workforce Housing – Digital Collateral

(April 18, 2015) – Shannon Renault – A Discussion about Workforce Housing

“Victoria’s downtown is operating in this complex and competitive regional environment, and it makes sense here to state the obvious: the more people living and working downtown, the healthier downtown will be, socially, economically, culturally.”

  • Shannon Renault – Policy and Program Professional (Jan 17, 2014)  

Shannon’s presentation’s augmented the SNSIG survey (link above) by placing the issue of workforce housing in the ownership tenure in a broader context. The presentation looks at the definition of workforce housing, the issue in the Canadian context and drills down into specific affordability challenges for this part of the market in Greater Victoria municipalities.

  • Michael Hall, Director of Customer Support, Viking Air (Jan 17, 2014)

An introduction to the Sidney North Saanich Industrial Group: a brief history; introduction to member companies; three key advocacy issues — Transportation, Skills Training & Workforce Housing.  Why the SNSIG believes the availability of workforce housing is of critical importance – and more importantly, what our employees think about it: results of 2013 housing survey.  Group member employees clearly expressed a desire for more housing options, so that those who work in our community can live there too.