Foreign Worker Recruitment

As I regularly dialogue with regional businesses & organizations thru my online vodcast (Victoria Rumble Room), my Industry networking organization (Sidney Breakfast Club) and digital marketing dialogue via my company (Harbour Digital Media) one singular message has been repeatedly communicated to me:

“We do not have enough staff to run our business at full capacity!” 

I have decided to do something about this. I have recently partnered with IMM Recruitment (, a BC based company specializing in assisting Canadian employers and international workers align with each other. The IMM immigration team, which includes an experienced immigration lawyer and expert case managers, offer support for Canadian employers by guiding foreign nationals through and managing the entire work permit process to ensuring new hires arrive in Canada safely and prepared for life in Canada.

Hiring foreign workers may be the only way to solve the current and likely long-term lack of available employees. If this process sparks your interest specific to your business network, let’s arrange an introductory ZOOM call between myself, IMM representatives and your HR team to better understand the details, commitment and the costs to engage with IMM.

The most commonly asked questions from employers regarding the Foreign Worker recruitment process answered by IMM Recruitment owners Ellie Bayat, Foreign Worker Recruitment Specialist & Ali Dadkhah, Immigration & Corporate Lawyer.

On November 18th Immigration Canada fundamentally changed the National Occupational Classification (NOC) categories. This change will significantly impact the process & success of bringing Foreign Workers to Canada. Ali Dadkhah, a Corporate and Immigration lawyer explains in detail how the NOC changes impact employers working thru the process of recruiting foreign workers to Canada.

IMM Recruitment – LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) Details & Process Review

IMM Recruitment – A Summary Overview