Industry Advocacy

Front Porch Perspectives

In operation since May 2005, Front Porch Perspectives Ltd. is an independent  management consultancy in BC that provides business advice, research, analysis focused on realistic implementation plans. What makes us different is our hands on and capacity building approach to consulting projects. We specialize in creative plans you can act on, not reports that sit on a shelf.

The company has been in involved in multiple new product development concepts, start ups and new product launches. In today’s dynamic world digital integration is critical to effective marketing and sales strategies. This is why we specialize in building realistic digital and content marketing plans combined with user friendly training.

Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce 

The Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Victoria Development Agency (GVDA) are pleased to announce the formation of the Manufacturing & Industrial Sector Operational Committee.

Lower Vancouver Island has a vibrant and expanding manufacturing and industrial sector comprised of more than 60 companies. Local revenue from these companies is well over a billion dollars annually. These firms drive our economy by providing diverse skilled jobs to thousands of employees locally while continually investing in R&D and innovation. This sector is one of the largest economic development engines on Vancouver Island, maintaining extended global reach and customers.

Some of the fastest growing companies in Greater Victoria are in the manufacturing and industrial sector.  This essential part of our economy features well-managed, focused niche industries that in many cases are enjoying double-digit growth year over year.

Products range from ship repair components, aviation and aerospace, motocross, GPS tracking, environmental monitoring, radio and telecommunications, advanced machining modules, train modules controls, equipment controls, and many more products that improve lives globally.