Mayfair Optometric Clinic

HDM is working with Mayfair Optometric in providing sales and business development coaching, planning and implementation. Click here for a link to their outstanding Corporate Services program!

Testimonial (Summer 2013)

As a leader and owner of a small business it is often challenging to determine if decisions, strategies and goals are going to measure up in the local economy, and against the competition.  The owner doesn’t have a lot of opportunity for positive feedback, as there isn’t really anyone on the team to offer that type of service.

John and Bill at Harbour Digital Media have been significant contributors to my growth this past year as a leader at the Mayfair Optometric Clinic.  They offer constructive commentary on various aspects of our business along with the implementation of new ideas.  Regular meetings keep me accountable to our goals and benchmarks and their encouragement and support has been invaluable.

The depth of experience John and Bill bring to Harbour Digital Media is well balanced and their skills complement each other so that I am able to maximize my ideas, concepts and follow through.  I have gained valuable strategies and we have begun to put in to place different measurements for growth and continued success.

I enjoy working with John and Bill, their positive attitudes, vast experience and professionalism encourages me daily.

Mary Lou Newbold
Practice Administrator
Mayfair Optometric Clinic
3196 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC V8Z 3K6
(250) 361 4444

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