Oct. 2015 – Why John, Paul and Mic? The Rise of the Citizen Entrepreneur

Citizen Entrpreneurship

I have the luxury, most would say age, of living in both a pre & post Information Revolution / Digital Age era. I remember a time with no cell phones, internet, email and social media. A time when most of the news and commentary came from about two to three TV stations and a local newspaper. I’m certain some old-time politicians long for those times. A time when community & political dialogue could be managed, or more cynically, manipulated.

Clearly those times have changed. There are now dozens of ways in which we can engage with each other, some would suggest too many ways. Let’s ask ourselves, what are we doing with all these communication channels? We’re constantly telling each other a lot about ourselves and our personal lives. But are we using these plethora of communication tools to engage in community building or political discourse? I would suggest we are not. I believe that as a community we are at the earliest of stages in understanding how to use these tools to chat about more than personal anecdotes. In fact, each one of us has the opportunity to become a citizen entrepreneur.

We’ve generally associated entrepreneurship with business. But true entrepreneurship reflects a spirit and attitude of thinking rather than an end result. It reflects innovation, creativity, commitment to cause and passion towards goal and objective. Traits that one could easily associate with the process of community building and political engagement. Today’s communication tools enable each one of us to strive towards and become the modern age citizen entrepreneur. A belief that today’s sum of individual thought and discourse can culminate towards the same end and purpose as the pre-information revolution traditional media so masterfully managed for us.

As individual citizen entrepreneurs we have a right, I would suggest an obligation, to utilize today’s media tools towards impacting and influencing the community dialogue regarding jobs, economy, environment, culture, family to name just a few. Let’s rise up and engage like no other generation could. Let’s use the tools to start directly influencing the decisions that impact us daily.

Hence the creation of the John, Paul and Mic podcast show. Not satisfied with current methods and process of engaging in community dialogue, Paul Holmes and I decided to use the social media tools available to us towards community, social and political engagement. An opportunity available to each and every person reading this post. Become the citizen entrepreneur that these communication tools allow each of us to be. We can impact our destiny more effectively and personally than at anytime in our history.

This is a call to action…start today!

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