Mar. 2014 – “What does Leadership mean?”

This is the first of a series of writings reflecting on the issue of leadership and associated behaviour (innovation…critical thinking…creativity…efficiency…productivity…change management). The concept of leadership has intrigued me since high school (mid-70’s). It seems like I’ve been engaged in some kind of leadership activity ever since. These days, appropriate for a post 2008 era, digital world participants and beyond regularly dialogue about the concepts and implementation of leadership skill sets. I have determined that it’s timely & appropriate to join the chorus and reflect on my personal experiences, hence the establishment of the “Leadership Chronicles” series.

What does leadership really mean? Most of us might reference political leaders, some of us sports heros, but what does the term mean to each of us individually, how would we apply leadership qualities, let’s say, in the next half an hour? How would we define it in that instance? Let’s start the conversation with my definition, a definition that has daily and personal application.

Leadership behaviour = Independent thought & follow thru

Literally anything that you do in life that fulfills this definition will qualify as leadership behaviour & competency. Leadership can manifest thru community, business, volunteering, family and personal activity. Leadership is not reserved for just politics, sports or management. The act of leadership can apply every day, every hour, within every human interaction…challenge yourself to adopt this edict daily.

Leadership behaviour = Independent thought & follow thru

Stay tuned soon for more reflections soon.


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